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Burj Dubai is a skyscraper currently under construction in the city of Dubai in the UAE, which, upon completion, will be the tallest structure ever built by humans. On July 21, 2007, as announced by the sponsoring company, Emaar Properties, the Dubai Tower broke the record held by the tall Taipei 101. On January 17, 2009, apparently, the Burj Dubai has reached its maximum altitude -818 meters, information that is confirmed by an article on the internet. However, the promoter has not confirmed this event. 
At first, the Burj Dubai would have the name "Tower Groll", measuring 570 meters, enough to make it the world's tallest building, and would be placed in Australia. The shape of the skyscrapers had nothing with the current design. He would take the form of a prism with a lighted tip.
Later, his height had increased to over 600 meters and the design began to appear taller. Once located in the city of Dubai, its designer and creator had decided that the height of the skyscraper would exceed 700 meters in height. 
That's when the model was created is now known, based on the Arabic arches and the shape of a flower that was grown in the UAE and in India: Hymenocallis. It was suggested that measures up to 818 meters tall. in mid-2008 the firm announced that the building height would increase by 20% 
In mid 2006, some reports suggested that the skyscrapers could be as high as 940 meters in height and design a few months later showed an apparent height of about 1311 meters high. But all proved false rumor.
The design of Burj Dubai is based on the geometric shape of a flower, Hymenocallis six white petals cultivated in the region, whose smooth and gave inspiration to the project structure. Ultimately, however, is involution to reach three petals become major nodes that are defined as the "wings" or side sections, whether part of the hotel, offices or homes. 
These wings and front sections each amounting to a different height and are making the building structure will be smaller. The position of the wings form a spiral staircase towards the left, surrounding the building and serves to counter strong winds and numerous sandstorms in Dubai. 
The Burj Dubai has 6 levels where mechanical equipment is to govern the building systems. 5 of these floors can be distinguished on the facade of the building because they are larger than other plants and have a different design of glass. The sixth floor mechanic is in the first floors of the building. 
A mechanic from the last level of Burj Dubai is located over 500 meters tall, and just finish the wings is the "core" or "heart" of the building, which is beginning to dwarf while until it ends in a tip that is the antenna, in this case. 
The building, to 586 meters is made of reinforced concrete. From floor 156 (586 meters) and beyond, the plants are made of steel, which makes them lighter. 
The foundation of this building is the largest ever built, and you have a system of rods of 1.5 meters in diameter at its base and more than 50 meters deep.
Burj Dubai located in the central part of the coast of Dubai. The Burj Dubai is also the avenue along with Sheik Sayed Road the main street of Dubai. 
The new skyscraper was to be finalized towards the end of 2008 although there was a delay in the facade, its opening will be delayed until June 2009. However, the tower which commenced on 1 February 2005, has reached a structural ceiling. The construction of the skyscraper is not due to reasons of lack of space. The city of Dubai is vast expanses of desert to build large buildings: the skyscraper, like other projects, aims to attract world attention on the city, because the oil there is running out, and Dubai is betting that its economy based on tourism to thrive. That is the main reason that many of these complexes are being built in this city. 
The Burj Dubai will be the center of a large commercial and residential complex, which will cost in total: 8 billion dollars, of which about $ 800 million correspond to the skyscraper. 
The complex, called 'Downtown Burj Dubai "includes the largest shopping center in the world, the Dubai Mall, an artificial lake of about 12 hectares with the largest source of the world, the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel & Serviced Apartments, the Burj Dubai Mall Hotel and some 19 residential towers. 
The monumental skyscraper will house a hotel (first 39 floors), 700 luxury apartments (floors of the 45 to 108), a mirador (planta 123), an observatory (plant 124) and offices (the other plants until the plant 156). 
The Burj Dubai is part of mega projects in Dubai, where are the Palm Islands, Dubailand, among others. 
In addition to also overcome the Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan which rises to 508 meters tall, the Burj Dubai will also be considerably higher than the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. Also exceed the highest radio antenna that has been built. Exceed the radio tower in Warsaw, antenna that collapsed in 1991 which is the tallest structure ever built. Also exceed the KVLY-TV antenna that is located in the United States and is the highest antenna currently 628 meters tall. 
However, the eventual reign of Burj Dubai as the tallest structure could be ephemeral, if it is a concrete project for building a solar tower in Buronga, New South Wales, Australia. The tower would have an estimated height of about 1 kilometer. 
Also, the Al Burj skyscraper, which is also located in the city of Dubai, has been approved. This could measure the height of 1050 meters according to official sources. It also approved two other skyscrapers of kilometers above the height of the tower Mubarak al-Kabeer with 1001 meters of altitude, in Kuwait and other skyscrapers tower Murjan of 1022 meters in Manama, Bahrain.
When the unbelievable Burj Dubai started to get really high, the construction workers discovered one problem that seems obvious now: their walkie-talkies stopped working as they climbed the structure.
The reason was simple: distance. At the beginning of the construction they used walkie-talkies—which are light, durable, and have a long battery life—across the site. However, these stopped working after some time, as the tower kept raising over the desert. With unreliable communications, Samsung Corporation—the main contractor—had to turn to a different kind of link between workers to avoid misunderstandings that may have jeopardized the safety of workers (even more, because plenty of people have had fatal accidents in the tower) and delayed the project.

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