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Some people have used the love calculator love to see how compatible they are or what their names are in harmony with each other. Sometimes you get really upset when you calculate your partners name is only to say that you have a zero percent love rating, very discouraging if you ask me. In other words, the love calculator says the two can be compatible with the two you could be so loved each other. Friends around you told you time and time again how compatible you still disagree with the calculator.
If you take seriously the love calculator you may want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is due to the fact that some love calculators, after it calculates the percentage of your Love and find it in less than twenty per cent, to give you an answer like: “Get the restraining order, try to avoid the person as much as possible.” It is very fun if you have fun here, but if you take it seriously, it could be a heart breaking. However, sometimes the love calculator may surprise you and give you the right figures, and after using the love calculator you will believe that you two really intended for each other. It’s like fate, and for some reason, even if the calculator knows this.

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