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The Interactive Advertising Bureau has added support for skippable linear ads to its VAST guidelines, the industry standard for digital advertisers. According to the skippable linear creative subsection of the VAST guidelines, skippable ads “create a better user experience, result in lower abandonment rates for publishers, and support a business model where publishers and advertisers can negotiate billing based on creative played to completion.
The report also states that this allows for “viewing experiences similar to broadcast television” where we are free to change channel or leave to make a cup of tea – online video ads are annoyingly restrictive in that sense. Whilst the thought of skippable video may scare advertisers the best will adapt and survive. If and when skippable video does become the norm, it will force the digital marketers to produce better adverts in order to be successful. In contrast with broadcast television where a poor advert may still get exposure, all the analysis of online video advertising means that unsuccessful video advertising will have nowhere to hide. The best adverts will still get watched and hopefully the standard in general will be higher. So from a viewer perspective this is great I get to watch better adverts or skip the ones that I don’t like.

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