new year postcards.

1. Sometimes , I wish I could go back in time and meet myself as a kid.

2. That long walk of shame back to the house when you have nothing in your mailbox but bills.

3. The more I try the more I start to think that you don't care.

4. You have the ability to make me the happiest girl in the world but you also have the ability to make me the saddest girl in the world.

5. It's better to have give love than to never have experienced the feeling of it. Though it may not go the way you've planed fact of the matter is at least you gave LOVE a chance!

6. Find someone thats already what you want instead of someone that you THINK you can change into what you want.

7. I still remember the first day I met you. I still remember how much I liked you. I remember that I fell for your personality and not for how you looked. I remember when we started to talk. But it looks like you've totally forgotten everything we've been through while I'm stuck in the past.

8. When making promises to be faithful, most people are serious and have every intention of keeping their word. But while people generally have the best intentions when making such promises, human behavior is not always governed by the fact that vows were taken and that promises were made.

9. Being single doesn't mean you're weak it means you're strong enough to wait for the one you DESERVE.

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